Living dreams for Living Rooms

Friendly, discreet and clean – individual ideas and the right colour and choice of structure fulfill your wishes whether interior or exterior.

Stromberg Surface Technology will bring the appropriate colouring in and on your real estate. Whether a one-family house, residental and business community, hotel or industrial plant, we provide the necessary capacities for a timely completion of your wishes.

If requested by the owner we offer comprehensive services from one source ranging from demolition to turnkey plants with complete interior fittings.

Accourding to your wishes we renovate:

  • from single room up to high-rise buildings
  • 365 days a year, day and night
  • with special environmentally safe materials
  • with regard to deadline, quality and budget

According to your wishes we provide the necessary capacities to realize even large objects in the shortest time possible.

Rooms / Interior surface

  • Insulating composite work
  • Painting
  • Paintwork
  • Wallpapering
  • High quality paint and design techniques
  • Floor coating (§19 WHG)

Facade / Exterior surface

  • Insulating composite work
  • Facade renovation
  • Facade design
  • Facade repair
  • Balcony repair

Complete (Interior)Fitting

  • Demolition
  • Floor coverings (screed, double-cavity floor, parquet, textile and plastic floor coverings)
  • Tile work
  • Dry and acoustic construction
  • Fire protection modernization
  • Doors (room & functional doors)
  • Painting
  • Conversion
  • Tenant equitable expansion

Fire protection

  • Construction of fire protection
  • Modernization of fire protection from one source
  • Fire resistant doors (room and functional doors)

Services according to DIN 4102

  1. Fire protection in expansion
    Classified suspended ceilings (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    Classified wall systems (Fire resistance class F30 – F180)
    Classified paneling systems (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    Fire protection glazing (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    Fire protection glazing (Fire resistance class G30 – G90)
    Door systems (Fire resistance class T30 – T90)
    Jointless systems (Fire resistance class F90)
  2. Electro foreclosure
    Mineral fiber foreclosure (Fire resistance class S30 – S90)
    Cable mortar foreclosure (Fire resistance class S120)
    System stone foreclosure (Fire resistance class S30 – S90)
    Cable clothing (Fire resistance class I30 – I90)
    Cable clothing (Fire resistance class E30 – E90)
    Conductor rail clothing (Fire resistance class E30 – E90)
    Facing doors for undercoverings (Fire resistance class E30 – E90)
  3. Pipeline foreclosure
    Pipeline bulkheads for non-flammable tubes (Fire resistance class R90 / LAR)
    Pipeline bulkheads for flammable tubes(Fire resistance class)
    Pipe kombi foreclosure (Fire resistance class R/S90)
  4. Ventilation foreclosure
    Sheet steel duct coverings (Fire resistance class L30 – L90)
    Undependant air ducts (Fire resistance class L30 – L90)
    Fire damper and valves (Fire resistance class L30 – L90)
    Smoke outlet duct / Ventile (Fire resistance class L30 – L90)
    Maintenance and refurbishment of fire dampers
  5. Steel fire protection / coating
    Steel coating systems (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    Steel clothing systems (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    Shotcret systems (Fire resistance class F30 – F90)
    for the strengthening of concrete parts
  6. Construction Supervision and quality assurance
  7. Experts
    Fire protection experts, fire protection professional planners, fire protection specialists, member GBA

All services will be made according to current level of engineering in compliance with DIN 4102 and the respective authorizations, or accordingly testing credentials.

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Project Manager

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